Boeing 737 IDG Repair and Overhaul Services
Price and Reliability Matter.
We offer a complete range of IDG repair and overhaul services on CRJ 700/900 and 737 IDGs. We have a custom built and state-of-the-art multi-port Electro-Mechanical Avtron tester, which allows us to efficiently run any size commercial integrated drive generators (IDGs). What’s this mean for you? We’re better able to accurately analyze the failure reason of your IDG. As a result, we can provide the best repair procedure to ensure improved reliability and significantly decrease the risk of future failures.
Our years of experience enable us to consistently deliver competitive, timely and cost effective results. Our goal? To reduce our customers' maintenance burden.
Price and Reliability Matter.

As one of the industry leaders in the integrated drive generator (IDG) overhaul market, we combine more than 20 years of experience with superior customer service to bring our customers high quality repairs, competitive pricing and fast TATs.

  • Over 20 years of experience working on Boeing 737, Airbus and Bombardier fleets
  • Comprehensive in-house repair, development and testing capabilities
  • PMA or OEM part options available based on customer preferences
  • Strong OEM support
  • 24-hour AOG service
  • Standard overhaul TAT = 30 days or less
  • Exchange pool available
nose of Boeing 737 aircraft sitting on tarmac waiting for IDG repair and overhaul services
Boeing 737 connected to jetbridge at sunset
OEM Support
  • Access to all Boeing IDG technical documentation and engineering services
  • Three year workmanship warranty
  • Life-cycle technical and QC support
Facility Overview

Professional Aircraft Accessories is an innovative, cost-conscious and reliable partner. We've proven time-and-time again for more than 20 years that nothing is too intricate for our team’s experience.

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